Monday, November 8, 2010

LOL...ROTFL...and other junk

If a blog was in need of dusting, it would be this one.  Yikes!

Here's a question for ya...have you ever physically rolled on the floor laughing?  Marcus and I had a hilarious conversation the other night regarding how we can't stand the LOL, ROTFL, etc., that so many people use.  Granted, it adds some 'umph' to a statement when you think something is funny.  I kind of look at it as nervous laughing.  You know those conversations where you just laugh because there is nothing else to do? Yeah, oh my...LOL. 

As our conversation went on, I asked Marcus, "Seriously, how often in life have you physically rolled on the floor laughing? I can count on one hand how many times I have literally fallen to one knee, have to hold myself up from falling down from laughing so hard. Apparently the internet is full of people who are constantly on the floor, rolling around in laughter."

Marcus then said, "Yeah, and what happens if I find something funny and I'm laughing on the inside? Is that LI (laughing inside)??"

Or if you snort when you laugh...what would that be?  Just SNORT!!

When you are at casa dePaula and something is funny, don't be shocked if you just hear us say "LOL!" instead of laughing or if you see us rolling on the floor you'll know why. 

Me: LI :)