Monday, March 8, 2010

Beans vs. the baby

I don't know if anyone recalls the brilliant 80's movie Mr. Mom.  Like many movies from our childhood, my brother Ross likes to pick one or two quotes that he uses over and over and busts them out whenever possible.  One quote from Mr. Mom that he uses goes something like, "Are you crazy?  You're feeding your baby chili??" The baby in the movie gets a hold of a can of chili during a chaotic day and she ends up having atomic diapers.  Jack, aka Mr. Mom, wears goggles, rubber gloves, an apron, a clothes pin on his nose and uses tongs to change the diaper.  It's pretty hilarious. 

I think it was this movie that kept me from feeding Isaac beans.  Granted, beans aren't the only piece of the puzzle within chili, but what other ingredient can boast the song "Beans, beans, the magical fruit...."??  Hence my hesitation. 

Isaac is still on his picky eating streak so I thought for sure that he would resist the option of eating black beans.  My mother-in-law, Barbara, made some amazing black beans and rice yesterday so we thought we would give it a shot and gave him one.  He LLLOOOOOVVVVEEEEDDDD it.  So much so I couldn't put enough on his tray fast enough.  He would bounce with delight every time he would put one in his mouth.  I told Marcus then and there that he would have the great joy of changing his diaper the next day.

So beneath his very Norwegian exterior there certainly is a Brazilian with a great love for black beans.  

Thursday, March 4, 2010

French radio vs. feeling pewy....

This is too hilarious so of course I have to share it.  I'm listening to on iTunes radio that plays, as they say, 'French songs since 1890 of the dead artists'.  Nice.  I'm listening to Trois Menestrels--Balde de Davy Crockett , which is The Ballad of Davy Crockett in French.  I guess you really have to hear it to sense the full aroma of its hilarity. 

For the past few weeks we have seen back-to-back illness with the little nugget.  The week before it was a cold that turned into RSV, this week it was a fever and general 'pew-ness' that knocked him out. Thankfully he woke up today without a fever and was free of the general funk that took over yesterday.  We can't seem to get past the plugged up nose.  Darn you nose...

So last week, when we actually had a spurt of warmer weather, I decided some fresh air would be good for our lungs.  I bundled Isaac up, put his little hat on and thought we were ready to go.  My over thinking Mama Brain thought, "You know, a little blanket might be that added umph we need to keep him toasty." Yeah, Isaac didn't think so.  It wasn't a thick blanket, mind you.  It was more like a receiving blanket.  But he did not like that one bit.  My thoughts were, "Deal with it puddin'!  It's cold!" Note the hands in the second picture...frustrated with a capital YEEEOOOWWWZZZAA!! 

He revolted by taking his shoe and sock off every 30 seconds.