Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 down...several more to go...

So friends, I haven't announced my latest project because I'm famous for only lasting 14 days with this particular endeavor. Seriously...14 days. But now that I have finally surpassed my 14 day stumbling block I feel like I can officially announce that...

I've lost 10 pounds.

Yep...10 pounds. While this might not be huge by most standards this is a pretty big deal for me.  When was the last time I lost 10 pounds rather than gain 10 pounds? Oh...well, let's see. Never would be the answer to that question.

I'm not sure what the tipping point was for me to finally dive head first into this weight loss thing, but one day I just decided I was going to do it. I've been tracking how many carbs I eat (thank you iPhone!) trying to work out when I can (trying to at least 2-3 times a week) and it's been going really well. Gracious, I never realized how much food I was consuming throughout the day! I can't believe how much tracking what you eat helps!

So goal is to shed at least another 10-15 pounds and then I will be in the "healthy weight category" for my height. Being a 5'11 hip-o-licious Norwegian I know I will never be stick thin (nor would I want to be) but not having my Wii Fit character frown every time weigh in would be fantastic.