Monday, November 30, 2009

Poop and the traveling baby...

Traveling with kids is hard. It's something that I never really pondered until we had Isaac. I always felt bad for parents flying with kids; seeing them struggle through security, a baby screaming during the flight and the grumps sitting near them giving the parents the evil eye. Marcus and I decided a long time ago that we would not fly with Isaac until he can carry his own stuff. It's written in stone and we aren't budging on that one.

Kids need a lot of crap when they travel. We thought that when Isaac got bigger we wouldn't need so much stuff. What the what?!? They need MORE stuff?? Heck yes! We were drowning in toys to keep him occupied, more bottles, food for lunch and dinner, more diapers, you name it, we had it. We just got back from a 10 hour drive to Iowa to visit my parents for Thanksgiving and while the trip went amazingly well, the question of traveling with a very active 10 month old was weighing heavily on my mind.

We tend to worry about the craziest things. I wasn't worried so much about how he would act (he did fantastic, btw) but rather how in the world would I change a poopy diaper on the road. I never really paid attention before but there really aren't a lot of gas stations or other places that provide a diaper changing station in their restrooms. So what is a parent to do? Change them on their the car.

We are at the stage where Isaac doesn't want to lay still while his diaper is being changed. I've had to get pretty creative with distracting him with various things to keep his attention while I get his gross, smelly diapers out of the way. His current favorite is holding onto his diaper rash ointment and twisting it around.

So this is what I decided to focus my worry on. Poop. My already tall child wiggling around on my lap, trying to balance him and change diapers that would knock a grown man down with its stink. I decided to just go with it, deal with it, and stop worrying about it.

And wouldn't you know it...I didn't have to deal with one poopy diaper. Not one. God certainly blesses us in crazy ways...even when it comes to poop.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Shout Out...

I am a firm believer in when you find something amazing you need to pass it along to your friends. So here we go with two "dePaula approved" shout outs:

1.) MERCY CHILDREN'S CLINIC: Granted, I know this doesn't apply to everyone nor does it apply to anyone who doesn't live in Nashville, but I can't even begin to tell you how much we love Isaac's pediatrician. Seriously, she is the best. Dr. Jennifer Cox is a doctor with Mercy and it's an amazing organization. They never turn a child away, even if they don't have insurance, and they treat kids and their families with the best medical care and provide an amazing service. They are powered by generous donations, so if you're looking to give some money to a much deserved ministry this holiday season, I highly recommend Mercy Children's Clinic.

2.) SHAKLEE: My dear friend Jen Hubbard introduced me to the most amazing products from a company called Shaklee a few months ago. Granted, the company has been around for over 50 years (heck, my mom sold Shaklee before I was born) but the company has gotten a major face lift and IS.A.MAZ.ING. One thing I was really nervous about when I was pregnant was using cleaning supplies that were made of harsh chemicals. Even more so, I was nervous about using said products around Isaac and on his toys. Enter in Shaklee...they are completely natural, organic cleaning products that work SOO much better than other commercial "green" products (which aren't completely green or organic, btw) and are sooooo much less expensive. They also have natural supplements and vitamins that have changed Marcus and my life...seriously, I don't have allergies anymore. And Marcus' stomach issues are nearly gone...GONE!!! They are amazing. I could seriously go on and on about it. If you'd like to hear more, just let me know.

Check out Jen's Shaklee website at No worries friends, this isn't a sales pitch or a stupid pyramid scheme. It's just awesome stuff.

So there you go! Two big thumbs up to Mercy Children's Clinic and Shaklee...check it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To-do...ta da...

While I love the holiday season, I also dread it at the same time. I love it because we get to see our families, chill out, eat lots of really great food, fall asleep watching football. I dread it because a.) after Thanksgiving it's December and time goes by WAAAYYYY too fast and my deadlines are just chopped to bits, and b.) we enter into the hellish Christmas shopping season and begin to I hate every driver on the road more than I already do.

Nashville is famous for its horrible drivers. No joke, it's like a freaking circus on the road with drivers going 90, weaving in and out of traffic without using their blinker, and just being stupid. Take this times a million and you have Nashville drivers during the holidays. The exits that take you towards the mall are backed up for miles because everyone within a 30 mile radius trying to shop...all at the same time. Seriously people, have you heard of the internet? Online shopping is brilliant! That AND they deliver the gifts so you don't have to haul them all over creation to your final holiday destination. Think about it.

We are headed off for the first of two 9-10 hour trips to see our families in Iowa and Orlando. First stop is Iowa for Thanksgiving. While I am so excited to see my family and get out of town for a while, I'm also dreading the 9 hour drive with a very active 10 month old. He does not like to be strapped down in his car all. Should make for a very interesting trip...and very humorous stories to share.

In other news...Isaac is still battling his head cold, which isn't fun. He's showing signs of feeling better but, alas, he's still coughing and his nose will not stop running. Doesn't stop this little guy from smiling though!! Gotta love that smile....

Monday, November 9, 2009

Glorious weekend...

Beautiful weather = time outside. Time outside = looking at trees changing colors. Looking at trees changing colors = a very happy Isaac. A very happy Isaac = a very happy Mama!!

Yes, he is in his "Eat, Sleep, Poop" t-shirt and Cookie Monster socks. I love this kid.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Four years ago today I married Marcus. It's funny to think that before I met him I wasn't planning on getting married before I turned 35 and strongly questioned if I would ever have kids. Well, like my mom always tells me, the best way to make God laugh is to make plans. Ain't it the truth...

The crazy thing is that it's a miracle we never met before our first meeting in 2005. We work in the same industry, we have several mutual friends, and, the kicker, we lived about 1/2 a block from each other for almost two years. Granted, Marcus was on the road touring 90% of the time and I was almost always at work so it makes sense. But when we met, we both knew that we had found the one we had been waiting for. It was almost instant, which is crazy because I never believed in "love at first sight" or anything like that. After four days, I totally knew he was it. I was sold!

Four years later, I still love the man like crazy and love being with him. We both work from home and we don't drive each other crazy, we have the most amazingly beautiful child to ever walk the planet, and he makes me laugh like no one else. We are blessed beyond measure.

I love you, Marcus.

Monday, November 2, 2009

#@%^ Daylight Savings....

Daylight savings for single people or couples without kids is heavenly. An extra hour of sleep and the bonus time in the day where one can meander along knowing that an extra hour followed them. What they didn't mention in the "When You Have Kids" handbook (which, by the way, I never did get) is that the days are LONG GONE when you will enjoy daylight puts your entire world into a tailspin of "Dear Lord, will he ever sleep past 6:00AM again?!?"

Yesterday marked our first experience with DST and we have already had words. I don't really count yesterday as a part of the full DST experience because we were at church for a good chunk of the day and our schedule was shot to begin with. The big bonus yesterday was that Isaac was so tuckered out from no morning nap that he took a 2.5 hour nap in the afternoon. Sweeeeeet!!! But seriously folks, how does one keep an incredibly sleepy, way too grumpy child up an extra hour just so they can get back on schedule?!? Who knew that a stupid hour could make a somewhat normal woman slightly nutty? OK...very nutty?

When I was pregnant with Isaac I really wanted to just go with the flow...not restrict everything to a schedule. Well, this is #2567 of the "what the hell was I thinking?" moments that has drastically changed. I LOVE having a schedule and I know Isaac does too. It just makes life so much easier...especially for those working from home.

So, for those of you expecting thoughts are with you this time next year. Have fun!! ;) (devilish grin inserted right here)