Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not for the squeamish...

Since having a baby, it's not a rare occurrence to find random bodily fluids all over the place. The gallons of spit, spit-up, the "is that pee or more spit" debate, the "is that poop or spilled baby food" query, and so on. When the child belongs to someone else or isn't a blood relative, any of the above mentioned situations can be quite gross.

For example, this weekend my cousin/sister Rebecca (known as Tanta Biscuit to Isaac) and her wonderful husband Tim (of the Uncle TIIIIUUUMMM fame) came down to visit us. We had a fantabouslously fantastic time together and they got some quality time with the ever growing Sir Isaac. Anyway, Rebecca and I were watching Isaac play in his room and chatting away one morning when Isaac started to look at something quite intently. So Rebecca goes over to see what has peeked his attention. "Ohhh, is...that....ummm....chocolate?" I could just HEAR the "Please sweet Lord let this be a random piece of chocolate in the baby's room!!" I went over and yes, it was a small piece of poop that had fallen out of Isaac's diaper. "Well, it's not so much chocolate as it is poop. Sorry Bec!" Thankfully it fueled lots of laughter and weird "I just touched poop" giggles, so it wasn't all that bad.

Nothing like a good poop story to start off the day. You're welcome...

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  1. Luke ate his once-beat that! Hey Jenn, thanks for the link!!! I'm following your blog and I'm so glad you're enjoying mine! Hope you are having a great week! See you at church.