Thursday, July 15, 2010

The iPhone...

Last week we went over to my dear friend Stacie's house.  Stacie and her husband, Ray, are some of our favorite people and their daughter, Olivia, is just as sweet as can be.  We mixed a little business with pleasure by having dinner over there while Marcus worked on Stacie's computer.  Perfect! 

After dinner Olivia kindly asked if she could play with my iPhone.  No problem!  I hand it to her and the minute Isaac sees the phone he beelines to wherever Olivia is going to get in on the iPhone action.  We have developed a bit of a monster when it comes to Isaac playing with our phones.  He LOVES it...a little too much.  And the scary thing is...he can work the phone really well.  Who says iPhones are complicated?!?

Olivia plops down on the couch and plays quietly while Isaac tries to hoist his deliciously chunky leg up on the couch.  He gets up and instantly tries to crawl on top of Olivia to get to the phone.  She patiently lets Isaac reach over her and try to get to the phone and...well...I'll let the pictures talk for themselves.