Monday, September 21, 2009

When I worked at EMI I had a co-worker who called me "The Lost Tenenbaum". Do you remember that glorious movie by Wes Anderson? Oh the quirky glory! Needless-to-say I took this as a compliment because I love that movie. But he said this because my family has had its fair share of really weird (and I mean WEIRD) things happen to us. Here are just a few things...and I'm totally not joking:

1.) A National Guard jet crashed into my mom's yard in Iowa in 1968

2.) My great grandmother has 22 kids (technically 19 because three were still births)

3.) My parents moved into a house that had a statue in their yard that was carved by a chainsaw that was named "Uncle August" and was somewhat of a town attraction. My mom got into a bit of trouble when she tried to put a cape on Uncle August one year.

4.) My cousins Rebecca and Katie are my "double cousins" because my mom and their mom are sisters, my dad and their dad are brothers...brothers married sisters. No, that is not illegal and not sick and wrong. Draw a map and figure it out....

So that is just a sampling. I'm not sure why I went into all of this detail for this story, but I digress.

Anyway, my grandmother Marie was my mom's mom and she was quite the hoot. She passed years ago. Grandma was famous for reciting nearly everyone in the families name before she got to who she was actually talking to. "!" Every single time. She never just came out and said, "Jennifer!" We were just left staring at her, one eye halfway closed thinking, "Aaaaany day now."

Anyway, I had a chilling moment yesterday. I was trying to feed Isaac some sweet potatoes when I said, " ISAAC!" Lord help me....

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