Monday, September 7, 2009

Pensive little guy, wouldn't you say?

Isaac is very much his father's son. When a TV is on he is alllll about watching it. Doesn't really matter what is on. If it's on, that is where his attention goes. Granted we don't have it on much when the little guy is around. Don't want to rot his brain too much before he turns a year old. We are responsible parents like that. Umm...yeah.

My in-laws got Isaac a little educational video from the makers of Hooked on Phonics that helps kids with reading, learning new words, and instilling a love of reading. This is Isaac's favorite thing...his little legs start going all over the place when put the video in and he just laughs and laughs along with it. I am ALL about educational videos in very small chunks, and this is a good one. Slightly annoying to parents? Yes, but what kids video isn't?? As long as he is learning something and not just a zombie watching whatever rolls over the screen, I can justify him watching 10 minutes a day.

That and it gives me time to sweep the floors. It's the important things you know...

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