Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To-do...ta da...

While I love the holiday season, I also dread it at the same time. I love it because we get to see our families, chill out, eat lots of really great food, fall asleep watching football. I dread it because a.) after Thanksgiving it's December and time goes by WAAAYYYY too fast and my deadlines are just chopped to bits, and b.) we enter into the hellish Christmas shopping season and begin to I hate every driver on the road more than I already do.

Nashville is famous for its horrible drivers. No joke, it's like a freaking circus on the road with drivers going 90, weaving in and out of traffic without using their blinker, and just being stupid. Take this times a million and you have Nashville drivers during the holidays. The exits that take you towards the mall are backed up for miles because everyone within a 30 mile radius trying to shop...all at the same time. Seriously people, have you heard of the internet? Online shopping is brilliant! That AND they deliver the gifts so you don't have to haul them all over creation to your final holiday destination. Think about it.

We are headed off for the first of two 9-10 hour trips to see our families in Iowa and Orlando. First stop is Iowa for Thanksgiving. While I am so excited to see my family and get out of town for a while, I'm also dreading the 9 hour drive with a very active 10 month old. He does not like to be strapped down in his car all. Should make for a very interesting trip...and very humorous stories to share.

In other news...Isaac is still battling his head cold, which isn't fun. He's showing signs of feeling better but, alas, he's still coughing and his nose will not stop running. Doesn't stop this little guy from smiling though!! Gotta love that smile....

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