Monday, November 2, 2009

#@%^ Daylight Savings....

Daylight savings for single people or couples without kids is heavenly. An extra hour of sleep and the bonus time in the day where one can meander along knowing that an extra hour followed them. What they didn't mention in the "When You Have Kids" handbook (which, by the way, I never did get) is that the days are LONG GONE when you will enjoy daylight puts your entire world into a tailspin of "Dear Lord, will he ever sleep past 6:00AM again?!?"

Yesterday marked our first experience with DST and we have already had words. I don't really count yesterday as a part of the full DST experience because we were at church for a good chunk of the day and our schedule was shot to begin with. The big bonus yesterday was that Isaac was so tuckered out from no morning nap that he took a 2.5 hour nap in the afternoon. Sweeeeeet!!! But seriously folks, how does one keep an incredibly sleepy, way too grumpy child up an extra hour just so they can get back on schedule?!? Who knew that a stupid hour could make a somewhat normal woman slightly nutty? OK...very nutty?

When I was pregnant with Isaac I really wanted to just go with the flow...not restrict everything to a schedule. Well, this is #2567 of the "what the hell was I thinking?" moments that has drastically changed. I LOVE having a schedule and I know Isaac does too. It just makes life so much easier...especially for those working from home.

So, for those of you expecting thoughts are with you this time next year. Have fun!! ;) (devilish grin inserted right here)

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