Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Catchin' up....

Have you ever noticed that after a trip it almost takes you as long as you were away to actually catch up with your normal day-to-day life? Landy! Maybe it's my 32 years catching up with me and I get "winded" by time away from home more so than when I was...31?

On Saturday we got back from a wonderful trip down to Orlando to visit Marcus' side of the family. It had been two years since we had been down there, which is just WAY too long in between trips, and we had a fantastic time. Isaac absolutely loved hanging out with his Grandma and Grandpa dePaula, he had a backyard full of trees that he could actually touch, we went on many walks WITHOUT a coat on (glorious 78 degrees in December...ahhh) and not to mention all of the attention he got from his aunt and uncle. And the food...aahh, the glorious food!! Barbara outdid herself and spoiled us rotten with amazing meals....thanks Barbara!!!

But it was Isaac's first Christmas and it was so amazingly sweet. Seeing him open presents, the wonder of ripping paper, figuring out his new toys, fighting the urge to crawl over to the Christmas tree and tackle it to the ground wanting to put every sparkly thing in his mouth was so much fun to watch. I love the "firsts" that are unfolding in his sweet little life. So many more to come!

But he was a trooper, to the fullest extent of the word, on the 11.5 hour drive to and from Orlando. Seriously, I was BLOWN away. The trip down was a tad bit more difficult than the trip back, but he did amazingly well considering he had to be strapped down, which does not a happy Isaac make.

But I'll leave you with a few pictures from our trip. Marcus has more, but until I can get them from him, please enjoy these!

Hope your holidays were merry and bright!!!

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