Thursday, December 31, 2009


Ahhh, 2009.  You're almost out of here.  Forever.  Gone.  Bye-Bye! 

It's rather sad that we are getting ready to say good-bye to such a lovely year.  The year I met one of the most amazing kids to ever enter the little Isaac Henry.  I got rather weepy when I started to think about saying good-bye to this year, to Isaac's first year, and entering into a new year for him.  But last night Isaac said his official first word. 

The word is..."WOW!!"

He would say a variation of this word when he was still trying to figure it out.  For a while it was "Waaaaa," "Waaabbb" or some version of that.  But last night, he brought out the big guns and said, "WOW!" Marcus and I were nearly falling over each other laughing out of pure delight.  

Actually hearing my son say a word made me more and more excited about the upcoming year, celebrating his first year of life, watching him explore this world, learn more words, and become more of who he is.  I can't wait! 

But with the New Year, like ever other person on the planet, I come to my yearly, "What the flip am I doing with my life?" question.  Yes, every year this happens and I always seem to stick with the same thing I've done every other year of my life for the past 10 years.  I follow through with a "resolution" for 14 days (tops) and then go back to my old way of doing things.  Well, this year I am hell bent on doing something about that. 

More on that later, but next week I'm going to unveil a little something I'm working on...or I should say I WILL be working on.  Changes need to be made, my friends, and by golly I'm going to do it!! And, truth be told, I'm rather excited about it. 

So soak up this last day of 2009.  This year treated us very well and I hope 2010 is just as gracious. 

Love to all!!! 

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  1. Can't wait to hear about what you're working on, but what I know of what you've been doing the last 10 years of your life is pretty super cool, too. Especially the part where you married one of my favorite buddies and I've been able to get to know you. I love you a lot and wish I could be closer to watch all the new stuff unfold up close!