Friday, April 2, 2010

A big announcement that doesn't include a baby...

The world's worst blogger is...this girl...right here.  Sitting right here behind my dining room table desk trying to wrap my brain around my never ending to-do list.  Tis the life of a mother, a wife, professional, a semi-sane person.  That is my dumb way of saying "sorry for being lame and only posting one blog in the month of March!" LAME-O!! 

I think March, which somehow turned into April overnight, snuck up on everyone.  Seriously...what happened to March??  It's kind of nice that it went by so quickly due to the fact that the weather was FREAKING COLD and now we are in glorious Spring.  Ahhh, thank you Lord for the warmer weather :)

Now on to a little announcement! new babies are being added to the casa dePaula clan quite yet.  BUT we are bringing about something new and exciting to our lives and hopefully to the lives of others very soon.  I originally wanted to announce this once we had the new website up, but that won't be for another few weeks. 

We do you put our business.  Five years ago I started BookEnd Media, which is a publicity/PR firm that focuses on independent artists/bands, authors, and small businesses.  Due to the changing landscape of the media (print media, radio, TV, etc.) it has gotten increasingly difficult to get coverage for indie artists, which was incredibly frustrating because these artists deserve so much more media attention than what they were getting.  They are amazing!!  This in turn made me very frustrated and not enjoy my all. 

About a month or so ago I had a meeting with a client/friend regarding a new project they have coming up.  I'm really excited about what they are doing to change things up, stir the pot a bit, and get out of the traditional mold of things within the music industry.  Walking away from that meeting I challenged myself to change things up within my company...try something new and turn things around not only for the company but, more importantly, for our clients.

Marcus and I are thrilled to announce that we are starting a new digital PR/Marketing firm called Mixtus Media Solutions.  We are going completely digital (focusing on blogs, podcasts, internet radio, webzines, etc.) and adding to the mix website design/development (thanks to my braziliant husband) as well as social network management/development.  We are SO excited about it and already have several projects underway.  Anyone who knows Marcus knows that he is a freaking amazing website designer (check out or so I'm really excited that we are making that a major part of the new company. 

I won't go into all of the details right now, but all that to say, we will let everyone know once the website, Facebook, blog, Twitter, etc., is up for Mixtus Media Solutions.  More details to come! 

So...THAT is what is keeping us busy these days.  Not to mention the amazing journey of raising our Isaac Henry...but he's the good & fun kind of busy :)  Uff, can't get enough of that kid!! 

I'll do better with the blogging...promise!  Love to you all!! 

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