Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time, Time, Time...

I'm a new mother. Wow, that's weird to write. I lived for 31 years before saying that and now adding 'mother' to my list of credits is an awe inspiring yet completely overwhelming world to live in. My husband and I welcomed Isaac Henry dePaula into the world on January 27th, 2009 and he is hands down the most amazing person I have ever met. At 13 weeks he already holds enough personality in his little finger than most do in a lifetime. I'm completely in love with this little man but I'm trying to make some order of my life since he entered into the picture.

Truth be told, the first few weeks were really difficult. Raging hormones turned me into a crazy woman (oh my poor husband) and then you mix in a heaping spoonful of no sleep and a dash of a crying newborn and you got yourself full fledged nut hut. Now that we have three months under our belt and Isaac is starting to sleep more, I'm starting to feel like I just might be among the living again. And that feels really good.

But the hard part right now is that word that I think every mother/woman/professional struggles with: balance. How in the world do I balance being a wife, raising our son, running a business, keeping the dogs from tearing the house apart, keeping the house semi-clean/organized, and find time for myself all at the same time? Right now I will have to say I can't do it all...not well at least. Maybe down the road I will feel like I have it under control and can "do it all" but right now, I don't feel that way at all. And I'm OK with that.

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