Friday, August 7, 2009

Good old mother nature...

The last few days have seemed to run together so I was quite surprised to find out today is Friday. Ahh, Friday. You don't mean as much to me as you did before, but I still look upon you fondly and think you're pretty cute. Working from home seems to wash away any sense of time or preference for particular days of the week because, well, they run together like a big fat blob. For example, last week I realized that I had not left the house in three days...threeeee days. Yeah, sad.

Anyway, there has been quite the commotion around our house this week. On Tuesday night we were watching the 6:00 news and saw that we were supposed to get some big storms later on that night. problem. I put Isaac to bed, we eat dinner, and while we are cleaning up the kitchen, the storm comes. Ooooo dogs, it was a big one. The thing that was so scary was the lightning. It was insane! We were finishing up when we hear this HUGE...I mean HHHUUUUUGGGGEEEE bang. BIG BANG! MASSIVE BANG! It seriously made us jump and run to the window to see what on earth the lightning hit. Marcus thought that it might have hit the cross on the church down the road, or even the water tower. But dang, it was really close.

So the storm starts to ease up and I'm not fighting the urge to go up, get Isaac and run into the basement. Marcus and I head into the living room to watch another episode of Damages, which we were watching from my computer. Our DVD player decided to bite it so we hooked my computer up to the TV and watched the DVD from there. When I sat down I smelled something. It smelled very...odd. Almost electric. Not a burning electric smell, but electric all the same. I asked Marcus if he smelled it and he started looking around to see what it might be. It wouldn't be until the next morning that we find out that there was a power surge that went through the sound system/TV which then fried my computer. Yep, toasted it up like a piece of burnt bread. Thankfully my husband is a computer genius (seriously folks, if you have any problems with your computer, mainly Mac/Apple products, he's your guy) and he figured out that the motherboard wasn't fried, just my power supply. Granted, this is still a major pain and puts my computer out of the running for several days, but it's not the disaster it could have been.

Later on that day Marcus was out walking the dogs when he discovered where the lightning bolt hit. When he got back to the house he took me over to the sliding back door and said, "Look up at the tree," which is all of 200 feet from our house. The lightning bolt hit the tree that was 200 feet from our house. Let me rephrase was 200 feet FROM MY SON'S BEDROOM.

Have you ever seen Ghostbusters? Remember that scene where Bill Murray's character goes in to find Sigourney Weaver floating above the bed, talking in that crazy low voice, "There is no Dana, only Zool."?? Remember that? I don't think that Dana was actually taken over by crazy spirits...I think they told her that her son was 200 feet away from a lightning bold less than 12 hours ago, because my voice seriously lowered 20 octaves and had sparks coming out of my eyes. "WHHHHAAAATTTT??? LIGHTNING STRUCK WHERE??? 200 FEET FROM MY SON!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Yes, I went momentarily insane. Out of my mind, crazy insane. I couldn't believe it. At the same time I was so overwhelmingly thankful that we were safe, that Isaac was OK and that my computer was the only casualty. Thank you, Lord!

Was I overreacting a bit? Maybe. But when danger is heading toward the baby cub, Mama Bear comes OUT! I'll take you bolt of lightning...yeahhhhh, you wanna mess with me?? I thought so...

Hopefully life will be restored to Dorothy (my computer) and all will be well with the world. Till then, hurry towards us Mr. UPS man with the stinking part!!!

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