Monday, August 24, 2009

Giggles and Monday...

For some reason my brain is all ADD today. I think it is the crazy 'to-do' list that is sticking its tongue out at me and saying, "Oh yeah sister...THAT is a Monday morning for ya!" Stupid list...I shake my fist at you.

Last week was a total blur due to getting caught up after my computer blew up, getting the new computer set up, adjusting my eyes to said computer's HUGE screen, and Isaac teething. Oh landy...he is teething with a capital HOLY CRAP THIS IS HARD. It is so heartbreakingly hard to sit by while you know your child is uncomfortable. I think we are finally seeing a slight light at the end of the tunnel, but dang, last night was the topper to this entire experience.

On Sunday's Marcus is at the church practically all day. Normally Isaac and I attend the evening services at 6:00PM, but since he is teething and a bit more susceptible to illness we decided to hang out at home and rest. We had a lovely day and Isaac actually took a late afternoon nap, which kind of threw things off schedule, but hey, I'm cool like school and we just went with it. Since he took such a late nap he wasn't interested in his sweet potatoes for all. No worries...I'll give him an extra ounce in his bottle and he should be fine.

So we go up to his room, get him in his sweet little pj's, read a story, say our prayers and then chow down. He's starting to doze off when he started crazy coughing. He had been coughing a bit more than normal that day and I knew it was from his little nose running due to his teething. So I sit him up, rub his back and then BAAAAAMMM!!! The kid opens his mouth and every drop of the milk he just drank came SPEWWWWING out. I mean mouth WIDE open, a crazy amount of milk gushing out.

Now, I'm not a freak out kind of gal, but this scared the crap out of me. Of course kids are going to throw up, but are they supposed to throw up all Exorcist like? Seriously??

I called Marcus and thankfully our pediatrician goes to our church, so he high tailed it her way. She assured us that sometimes babies cough so hard that they throw up, but if he can't keep anything down then to give her a call. She also suggested putting a pillow under his mattress to elevate his head so the snot isn't draining right down his throat. We did that and wow...did it make a difference! He slept so much better and isn't nearly as congested as he was yesterday. Score another one for Dr. Cox!! She rules on so many levels...

Now if only his dang teeth would come in.

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