Sunday, August 16, 2009

R.I.P Dorothy....

It's true folks...Dorothy, my trusted Mac PowerBook G4 of 4 1/2 years, has officially died. She put up a good fight, Dr. Marcus did all he could do, but alas, she has exited the building.

We have many fond memories of Dorothy. Like remember that time I accidentally sent that email that was slightly dogging an annoying editor to my entire address book when I meant to send it to only one person? Remember that? Wow...THAT was embarrassing! Or that time we went to London and you stayed in my bag the entire trip? That was great. Or that time you were struck by lightning and fried up? Well, that part wasn't so great, but it was memorable. You will be missed, oh wise and trusty Dorothy. You will be missed.

So now on to a more youthful, powerful, and sleeker computer that will hopefully be within our grips sometime this week. Will it happen? Prayers are being sent up and waiting to be answered. Until then, sharesies with Marcus and his computer. Don't tell Marcus, but I've named his computer Hector. For some reason he doesn't get a kick out of naming electronics as much as I do...although we did name our car Gladys. We are her 'pips'....

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