Friday, January 8, 2010

Here she goes again....

Let's all do a universal eye roll here because I'm going to be talking for a moment about, you guessed it, baby poop.  I feel like I've talked about it quite a bit lately, but maybe those were conversations in my head rather than multiple posts on my blog.  Man, I need to get a life. 

Anyway, this is a quick one and it makes me laugh. 

This might sound weird, but Isaac is starting to feel more like a human.  He understands when I say, "Where is the green ball?" and he goes over and gets the green ball.  Or when I say, "Clap your hands!" he puts his hands together and shakes them up and down.  It's like he finally "gets us" if that makes sense.  He's so much fun. 

When I change a poopy diaper, for one reason or another, I started saying, "PPPEEEWWW!!  That stinks!" or "ICK!  That's gross!" mainly because, well, it's gross.  But Isaac has started to laugh, quite hard, when I say this.  It's like he's thinking, "You bet it is lady!!  It's GROSS!!  AND I KNOW IT!" It's like he gets how stinky and smelly it is.  Maybe that and the fact that he's overjoyed that he doesn't have to deal with it until he has to master the big bad potty training monster for a few years.  Oh the joys of being a kid. 

But big things happened last night...Isaac took 5 steps all by himself!  We even got it on video.  Feel free to partake:

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