Thursday, January 14, 2010

A bundled up little bug...

It's been cold...really cold in Nashville.  Granted, I'm originally from Iowa and it's 10 times colder up there, so when I complain to my family that it's 21 degrees out, they say, "That's a flippin heatwave!" I was talking with my mom last week and she said, "Yeah, we are supposed to get into the 30's next week!" When I was a kid I remember seeing people walk around in shorts when it got up to 30 because it felt so much warmer than the -27 we experienced a few days before. 

Introducing Isaac to winter garments has been a bit of a challenge.  The kid doesn't like hats nor does he like anything on his hands, which makes gloves out of the question.  When I was getting him ready to head out the door for church on Sunday, I looked at him and said, "OK buddy, you're going to have to buck up and deal with wearing a hat because it's too cold not to." Much to my surprise, he kept his hat AND his hood on. 

My parents got Isaac a hat that we refer to as his "Grumpy Old Men" hat.  It has flaps that cover his ears and a strip that goes around his chin to keep the sucker on.  This strap pushes his cheeks together all the more and, heaven help me, I nearly pulled off to the side of the road from laughing looking back at him in the mirror.  He just sat there looking out the window with his hat on, which had been pushed down slightly so he was pushing his head back so he could see. 

On the way home the chin strap flipped up and went into his mouth. Isaac just went with it and sucked on it the entire way home.  Way to deal with it pal :) 

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