Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lewis & Lola...

Dogs are a good prep course to having kids.  Especially puppies, who can sometimes be more high maintenance than a baby.  Before we were even pregnant a gal that we met at church asked if we had kids, to which I replied, "No, not yet.  But we have two dogs." She responded by saying, "Dogs are even more work than kids!  If you can handle a dog you can handle a kid."

Marcus and I talked quite a bit about how having dogs was a good way to get ready for a baby.  Some people laugh at us is an animal and the other is a human.  True, but they are both hard work.  I think having a dog, especially our first who was 7 weeks old when we adopted her, was a good introduction to taking care of a kid.  I know many eyes must be rolling, but it's true for us. 

Enter in our two mutts...Lewis and Lola.  Lola is the black dog and Lewis is the strawberry blond.  Both are absolute gems and we adore them.  It was quite a shock to them when Isaac entered the scene because they weren't the center of attention anymore.  I feel bad that they get a bit neglected at times and don't get to snuggle up to us as much as they used to, but they are doing just fine...believe me.

So I thought I would attach a recent picture of them.  This is from our trip to Florida.  I have no idea how Lewis thought this position was comfortable, but he was pretty loopy on some pills that we had to give him for his motion sickness.  They are hilarious. 

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