Monday, February 15, 2010

Teething rail swords...

When we found out we were having a boy, obviously I was beyond excited and so thrilled for such an amazing gift.  A son. A beautiful baby boy.  Then flashbacks of my little brother in his random stages of boy-dom filled my head and I started to think through how to completely pad our house down with foam padding and bubble wrap.  If he is anything like my brother, heaven help us, he will and quite boisterous. 

Although he looks exactly like my brother when he smiles, I don't think we have a Ross Jr. on our hands.  But he does hold a sliver of his uncles mischief and humor, that's for sure.

When we found out we were pregnant with Isaac we obviously went looking for a crib.  Being huge IKEA fans (and the fact that Marcus' gorgeous sister works there) we knew we wanted to get the crib from there.  We found one that turned into a toddler bed, which we loved, and it came with a "teething strip" that went along the top rail of the crib.  Perfect!  Now, I'm not sure if every crib comes with that, but I thought that was brilliant.

Anyway, fast forward to Isaac's crazy teething explosion (he's a year old and has nine teeth) and you find that teething guard being put to good use.  Trouble is that he found a way to get his little teeth under the part that hooks around the rail and he pulled it up.  No harm done...we pushed it back into place and we are good to go.

Last week I put Isaac down for his nap and, like usual, he plays and sings away for about 10-15 minutes before settling down for his nap.  But about 5 minutes later, I hear this tapping sound.  Tap...tap...tap.  Then it got a little louder...and then I hear things being knocked down.  Now, mind you, we have moved everything WELL out of his Go-Go-Gadget arm reach so this made me very curious and I went upstairs to check. 

I open the door to see that he had completely pulled off the full length of the teething guard rail and was using it as a sword to swipe things off of his bookshelf.  He was holding it in his chubby little hands, smiling and laughing like crazy.  Of course I started laughing with him and though, "Ooohhh boy, do we have a live one on our hands." 

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