Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home again, home again....

Well, we made it. Two weddings, several states and wonderful time with family and friends is now over, which makes me sad. I admitted before that I really questioned how two weeks in Iowa would go and we had a wonderful, relaxing, fun filled time. I miss my parents backyard already...Isaac has been incredibly fussy this morning and I know he would snap right out of it if we could put him in his bouncy seat outside to look a the trees.

This past weekend was my beautiful cousin (who I actually call my sister) wedding in Chicago and it was amazing. We got to see family again and it was just a really sweet time. I'll post some pictures soon.

This morning has gone rather slowly and I really want to get stuff put away, but with Isaac being in a bit of a funk, that has been put on ubber slow. That's OK with me...I'll just have another cup of coffee :)

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