Monday, June 1, 2009

Field of Dreams...

Last Thursday Marcus, Isaac, Lola, Lewis and I embarked on our adventurous nine hour drive to Iowa for my brother's wedding. I am very pleased to say that the drive wasn't nearly as bad as we had anticipated. Isaac did really well considering he had never been in the car for more than a half hour at a time.

We got to my parent's house early Thursday evening and then we headed up to my brother's house the next morning, which is about two hours further north. We got to see my beloved family and spend some wonderful time with them. We got to hang out with my brother, my new sister, cousins (who are more like sisters) from Austin and Chicago, my aunt from the San Antonio area, my other cousins from Iowa, uncles, aunts, you name it. It was a fantastic time and a beautiful wedding.

So the next wedding we will attend is for my sweet double cousin Rebecca and Tim, who we absolutely adore, in two weeks in Chicago. Just so we don't have to subject Isaac to two more nine hour car rides, he, the dogs and I are staying at my parents house until the wedding. Marcus actually had to drive back to Nashville this morning for the week for work reasons and will drive back up the following Monday. I really miss him already :(

Today has been very peaceful and I'm trying to get a little bit of work done. Things have kind of slowed down work wise for me (which isn't good for our bank account but nice in regards to taking care of the little man) but they should pick up soon. So I'm taking advantage of this time to sit in my mom and dad's amazing back yard with Isaac and the dogs along with a good book. Isaac absolutely loves to look at the trees so he is greatly enjoying our outside time. The bugs are coming out in full force though, so we are in the living room under the fan taking it easy. It's a quiet day :)

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