Monday, June 29, 2009


Yesterday I finally admitted that it would be nice to have an iPhone for one have a camera with me all the time to capture one of the sweetest aspects of motherhood. Yesterday Isaac did NOT want to all. When we don't have naps we have a crabby baby on our hands. So yesterday I took him into our room and I laid down with him. A sweet 45 minutes later I wake up to his rosy cheeked face cuddled up to my chest and his soft breath filling the space between us. My eyes welled up with tears of joy and I felt like the most blessed woman on the planet. I took a mental picture to file away in my memory and remember when I have a moment of relaps looking at other peoples lives and wondering, "Why can't I have that?" The beautiful blessings that are right before us...why do we look beyond the bountiful blessings that we have to be jealous of what we don't? I am so gilty of that and God gave me such a sweet reminder of all that I have been blessed with. Thank you :)

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