Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh Iowa...

Today Mom, Isaac and I went out to embark on an outing and get a few things done. Mom had her long list of things she needed to pick up and Isaac and I were along for the ride. And oh what a ride it was. If you have never experienced Hot Rod Ziggy Tiggy (yes, this is what my brother calls mom...Hot Rod for short) behind the wheel, heaven help you. It's tornadic activity hidden within a mini van.

So while Isaac and I were white knuckling it in the back seat, we were taking in the sights of Muscatine. He had his beloved trees to look at and I got to take in the crazies that were out and about at 2:00PM on this rainy, chilly afternoon. We decided to venture into Family Dollar, a store that I have never been into, and it was quite the experience. Not because of what they sold but rather for a woman in the store who happened to be one of the loudest talkers I have ever encountered. Mom and I were at the opposite end of the store and we heard plain as plain about her car troubles and the fact that she had to buy two new tires. Then she talked about how her and her boyfriend hung out in the McDonalds parking lot last night and made fun of "preppy" girls that were getting something to eat. What a romantic evening. I seriously don't think she took a breath. It was a 15 minute run on sentence that ended with, "...she took my 'Kiss Me I'm Irish' t-shirt and I'm pissed." That is classy with a capital K.

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