Monday, May 25, 2009

New chapters...

On Saturday my baby brother gets married. Little Ross Peter Hanson is getting married...well, he's not so little (he's a strapping, burly Norwegian) but he will always be my little brother. Did we always get along? No. It took me moving away to college to really get our brother/sister friendship going and I am so thankful it did. It all started with smoking cigars on old lawn chairs in our backyard when I was home for the summer. He is a thoughtful, giving, incredibly caring man who adores his nephew like crazy. We are so excited for him and to officially welcome Lindsay, his bride, into our family!

Now on to the...hmmm...part that I'm not really looking forward to: driving for 9 hours with a 4 month old baby, two mutts, a car full of stuff, and being away for two weeks. It should be an interesting time and I'm sure there will be many posts!

Ross toasting us at our wedding

The four cousins singing "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" at my wedding

Blurry Rossy Peter

Big sister, little brother

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