Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Great friends...

Marcus and I are the fullest extent of the word. Granted, I wasn't always this way. Since marrying my husband I have morphed into this new creature and greatly enjoy staying at home reading, watching TV or just hanging out with my family. It's amazing how entertaining Isaac is...I could just watch him bounce in his little jumpy seat all day and stretch my face in weird ways just to make him laugh. Let's face it...we are simple, easy to please people.

But we have been making more of an effort to having people over for dinner and spending time with the dear friends around us. It's crazy how we rarely see some of our friends for months at a time even if we live in the same city. All of our schedules are insane, we are adding kids to the equation, and life just gets in the way. Last night we had an amazing time with two dear people, Jen & Chance Scoggins, and their beautiful daughter, Jaylen. We stayed up way past our bedtime laughing, telling old stories, talking about future plans, and just reconnecting. We had a great time and it was so good to spend some much needed time with them.

On a completelly unrelated note...

Summer is in full swing here in Nashville and oh boy is it hot! At casa dePaula this only means one will freeze at our house. I am married to a particular Brazilian who does not like to be all. The thing is we don't keep the air conditioner at a really low temperature. There is just something about our house that keeps the house cool...or in my opinion downright chilly.

So I'm sitting in my office in our basement absolutely freezing. It's July and I'm dressed like it's December. I must really love my husband...or I'm a complete pushover.

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