Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jenn X 2= a lot

Isaac turned 5 months old on June 27th, which blows my mind on so many levels. Thinking back to how much life has changed in such a short amount of time is quite overwhelming and incredibly humbling at the same time. Yesterday I was looking though some pictures of when Isaac was just a few days old and I can't believe how little he was! Looking at those pictures also spurred on memories of how lost I felt for the first few weeks of his life. Lack of sleep mixed with a hormone filled body really made me question if I would make it through this. Without warning I would just start bawling and I couldn't explain why I was sad. My sweet husband was amazing through all of it and my wonderful mother just kept telling me, "I gets better!"

But just a mere 5 months later, I feel like an old pro. When Isaac cries, I know what's wrong and can fix it. Breastfeeding is a breeze and I don't nearly have a heart attack while we are giving him a bath.

Now that I am comfortable being a mother and meeting the needs of my son, it has hit me that I have not been taking care of myself as well as I should be. Yesterday when I was getting into the shower, I caught a good look at myself in the mirror...oh heaven help me. Granted, I know certain parts of my body will never be the same since carrying a child and I will never have my 25 year old body as a 32 year old woman...but dang...mama's gotta do something!!

I've never been a big eater or had problems with overeating. I opt for fruit rather than candy, I don't tend to eat huge portions, but since I've been breast feeding I find myself hungry ALL...THE...TIME. I know this is totally normal and needs to happen to keep Isaac full and healthy, and I am thrilled to do this for him. But where I lack discipline is in the exercising.

Oh how I hate to work out! If it weren't so muggy and hot here in Nashville, I would be all about going for long walks around our neighborhood, but Isaac is NOT happy when he is hot and uncomfortable in his stroller. I wouldn't mind getting back into yoga or pilates, but when?? Between taking care of Isaac, work and keeping the house semi-presentable, the time just isn't there. Our amazing church offers a free, once a month pilates class for new moms, but if there is one thing that I hate more than working out it is working out with a bunch of other people. Don't get me wrong, I love the women there, but it just isn't my cup of tea.

Does this sound like a bunch of excuses? Yes. As I type them out I realize I need to make this, my health, my mental sanity, and just some "me" time a priority. A half hour of exercise never killed anyone :)

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