Monday, July 20, 2009

The simple things...

Today I feel rather ambitious and productive. Quite the feeling for a Monday morning, that's for sure. When I have a lot on my plate for the week, I find myself almost anxious to get down to my office to get things going so I can get my 'to-do' list completed sooner rather than later. I'm not a fan of having things hang over my head, so my getter gets going pretty quickly some mornings. Thank heaven for strong coffee and my favorite creamer.

Our weekend was a sweet one. Poor Marcus had to work late on Friday and Saturday at the church, so Isaac and I hung out, took walks, napped, read sweet little kids books, and played. When he was born, I felt so uneasy and unsure of myself being alone with him. I know that sounds weird, but I felt so overwhelmed and didn't know what to do with myself...let alone a crying baby. Now, a mere 5 months later, I feel completely at ease and absolutely love my time with him.

Another thing that I'm learning to do is trust my instincts with Isaac. I wasn't a big fan of reading a bunch of pregnancy books when I was pregnant and now I'm finding that reading books on how to parent your child is kind of...well...not for me. I know many parents depend on them, which I totally understand, but when I have tried things that these books suggest they don't really work for our son. I'm finding that what my gut is telling me to do and praying for wisdom and guidance on how to raise our son and what we need to do is far better than any book I could read.

Take for example my beloved sleep...which I miss oh so greatly. We have tried countless suggestions and tips that we have either read about or heard from other friends. But, like clockwork, Isaac wakes up at 3:00AM (seriously, on the button) eats and is asleep by 3:15. Marcus takes the 3:00AM shift and feeds him his bottle. Then he wakes up at about 5:00AM for another feeding, which is my shift. One morning I was so incredibly exhausted I just brought him into our room and nursed him laying down on our bed. He fell asleep beside me and we woke up at 8:00AM, his sweet little face with sleep still in his eyes looking up at me. I know some people would say that I'm creating a habit of him sleeping with us and would frown on that. And my reaction to that? Back off. I have never experienced such sweetness, such incredible love, and such earthly joy as I do in my child and husband. And waking up to both of them in my bed is, well, the sweetest gift I could ever imagine.

And if that doesn't follow what some book suggests, well, they are missing out on some of the simplest, sweetest joys of life with a child. And I thank God for that every day...even if it sacrifices an hour of sleep :)

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