Friday, July 3, 2009

When it rains...

So we are now among the 10 million people on the planet that own iPhones. Yep, it's official. Originally I agreed to get them because my sweet husband was nearly busting at the seams to get one, but I must admit, they are pretty dern cool. We still have a few bugs to figure out, but my braziliant husband will hammer it out and it will be running slicker than snot before we know it.

So a few posts ago I talked about how slow work has been. I know it's that time of the year and that things always pick up. Well they a major way. My main client is pumping more and more work my way, which is great, but I'm trying to figure out how I will get it all done with my limited schedule. I'm officially working three days a week with two of those days watching Isaac and working at the same time. A tad overwhelming? Yes. But I know we will power on through it!

It's a holiday weekend and both Marcus and I will be working through it. I honestly forgot that it was the 4th of July! One tends to loose all track of holidays when self-employment is a part of ones life :)

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  1. I resisted getting a fancy phone and held onto my ghetto one for way too long. Fuzzy went with me the day I got my iPhone, and that weekend, while I was able to eat lunch between rehearsals and conduct business via email with ease (and without going home) I instantly got it. Now I can't imagine not having it! Thanks, iPhone!

    And your post about sleep...I am sorry that you are lacking these days. I can't seem to get enough lately, so tonight, I will dedicate my sleep to you.