Thursday, July 30, 2009

Embarrassing moments...

So I'm going to be Captain Obvious and state that it has been a few days since my last entry. Yep yep, tis true. It has been one of those weeks where every spare moment I have is spent either keeping the dogs from barking at the ant crawling across the driveway or just trying keeping my eyes open. It's been nutter-ific around here to say the least.

My parents were in town this past weekend. Man, they cannot move down here fast enough! I haven't lived with them for 14 years and every time we say good-bye I cry. Yep, still cry like a baby. We do our long, extravagant good-bye ceremony and wave to each other till we can't see their car anymore as they drive away.

When we found out they were coming to town we thought this would be the perfect weekend to dedicate Isaac at church. Monday marked Isaac's half birthday, which also happens to be my mom's birthday, so we thought this was great timing.

Mom and Dad were really excited to be a part of this special occasion and we got all of the details ironed out. And I wisely didn't tell them that they would have to go up in front of the church with us until they were well within Nashville city limits. Once I got it through their heads that it was just for 5 minutes, they were cool with it.

Isaac has become more and more vocal and continues to crack us up with his array of noises. One of them being his horrendously loud grunting while he poops. Yes, I went poop. When you have a kid your world seems to be consumed by poop. Has he pooped today? Is that the normal color? Oh yeah, he had peas last night. You get the picture.

Anyway, on Saturday night we were eating dinner and I started thinking about how Isaac might react to a huge crowd of people looking back at him. Would he freak out and start crying? Would he scream and want to hear his voice echoing through the chapel as Pastor Jim is praying over him? Oh no...what if he has gas. The scenarios kept filling my head, but I tossed them aside and thought, "This is a baby! Even if he spits up everyone will oooo and ahhh because he's a precious little baby!" No harm done.

So Sunday arrives and we head up to the front of the church after the announcements. Isaac was in a wonderful mood (seriously, he's pretty much always in a great mood, praise the Lord) and did such a good job. He was smiling, clapping his little feet together, looking out at everyone. It was great.

So we get to the part where Jim tells us our spiritual duties as parents when all of a sudden Isaac starts to grunt...REALLY loud. A grunt that sounded like what I would imagine a wild pig might make before it charges after its prey. It was deep, loud and loooonnng. Then the smell moves in. Oh heaven help me, the smell. I look over at mom and by the look in my eyes she knows, "Oh no...the kid has pooped." I'm standing there holding my oderous child, praying that I had his diaper on straight and that it didn't shift somehow and that green baby poop wouldn't be dripping down his leg, which has happend from time to time.

At this moment Jim looks up at me and says, "Do you think it's OK for me to hold him?" Oooohhhh boy. Isaac is happy as a lark, smiley and happy, so I say, "SURE!" I heavely debated mouthing "Sorry!!" to him as the plume of stink lingered his way. To my surprise, Jim didn't say anything or make a weird face. Isaac just laid there in his arms, looking lovingly up at Jim as he prayed. It was such a sweet moment. I swear there was a little tear in Jim's eye as he handed my child back to me and we headed to our seats.

I grabbed Isaac's diaper bag and headed off to the nursery to drop him off. Right as I exited the chapel, I kid you not, he ripped the loudest poot I have heard come out of him in a long time. It was like a big old exclamation point on the end of this morning.

After church I asked Marcus and my parents if they were nearly knocked out by the smell while we were up there and they didn't smell anything. Score!!! I guess he just wanted to share that lovely moment with his mama.

Thankfully the Lord has a fantastic sense of humor. I'm sure he was sitting up there in heaven, with a big smile on his face, and said, "That's my boy!"

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  1. That is hilarious! Yeah, that poop was on purpose!