Friday, May 22, 2009

Master of time...

Since becoming a mother, I've found that time flies by faster than it ever did before. Seriously, my baby boy is now four months old, I have deadlines floating over me that need to be, and I feel like I have to clean my house every half hour because it just gets dirty all over again. Several years ago, when I would hear mothers talk about how they had so much to do, I must admit that I thought, "You are home all can you NOT get things done? It's all about time management." If I could travel back through time, I'd give myself a swift slap across the back of the head...several times in fact.

I am a lover of lists. I have many of them. One of them being my "deep cleaning" list, which has taken a back burner due to the fact that I haven't had time to really dig into it. But yesterday, Marcus was off on a job site and I was going to try to get some work done while the baby slept. For some reason at about 10AM the power went out for almost two hours. I have no idea why. So without any power, internet or other forms of entertainment available, I took Isaac upstairs, put him in his swing and we went to work on the closet. The "great purge" came upon me and I got rid of more than half of my clothes to give to Goodwill. Oooohhh, it feels sooo good!! I got rid of shoes, shirts, old skirts, tee shirts, you name it. I decided I wanted to start over with my wardrobe and have made another list (imagine that!) of things that I want to get to make life a little simpler in the clothing department. I hate shopping, so this will be a long endevor.

So right now, my little one is sleeping so soundly in his swing. I'm enjoying the last of my coffee and waiting for my sweet friend, Simone, to come over for a walk around Radnor Lake. Bliss...

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