Monday, May 4, 2009

Work days...

Before Isaac was born, Marcus and I sat down to talk about how we were going to manage our work schedules and the baby. Since we are both freelance, we are incredibly blessed with flexible schedules and able to pick and choose when we are going to work. We have a really great system down right now and I hope it follows through when Isaac gets to be bigger. Right now the baby takes 2-3 hour naps twice a day so we are able to work even on our off days.

So today is one of my work days and I'm having a hard time getting going. I have quite a list to do (after all it is Monday and I love making my weekly 'to-do' lists) and am a tad bit intimidated by everything that I need to get done. But I'll take in some ambition and get it done. Marcus and Isaac are having a father/son day and it's hard to be down in my office while they are upstairs. It's funny because whenever I feel like I need a break from the baby, about five minutes later all I want to do is be with him :)

The beautiful picture I posted was taken by the amazingly talented Whitney Carlson with Dove Wedding Photography. You really need to check out their website. She took pictures at our wedding and it is so sweet to have her take pictures of Isaac now.

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